About Veo

Veo is committed to a future with fully electric vehicles and deep partnerships with cities to make eco-friendly sustainable transportation a reality.

We All Ride

Our mission is to establish micro-mobility as a true transportation system to reduce automotive use and promote widespread utilization of shared alternative mobility in a safe and reliable way.

Commitment to Innovation

This vision of a global green future is what propelled Veo to form key partnerships with manufacturers to bring the best in mobility innovation and technology to your city. Learn more about our internal process from the link below.

Carbon-based emissions have been plaguing urban transportation for the past 200 years.

It's time for change.

Ready to change the world? Join our Crew.

Our Values

Be Humble
We believe no one person is bigger than the team
Communicating internally and externally with honesty and respect
Dare to Pioneer
We innovate and push for creativity and encourage curiosity company wide
Excel and Improve
We strive for challenging work and believe in a workspace where you can push boundaries

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