About Us

Veo is on a mission to end car dependency by making clean transportation accessible to all. We have provided millions of shared bike and scooter rides in 50+ cities and universities across North America – and we’re just getting started.

a green future

Carbon-based emissions have a stronghold on the mobility industry, now more than ever. There is a need for a green and sustainable solution to transportation. From urban to suburban, Veo is committed to a future with fully electric vehicles and deep partnerships with cities to make eco-friendly sustainable transportation a reality.

The Veo Team

Edwin Tan


An avid cyclist, Edwin has a deep understanding of bicycle design and extensive experience in the bike industry and Internet of Things (IoT). He formerly served as a Mechanical Engineer for Trek Bicycle and has earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University.


Candice Xie


Candice leads Veo to advance a dynamic regulatory environment and seek paths toward efficient and effective expansion. Previously, she worked at Schneider Electric, the Bank of China and MassMutual Financial Group. She graduated with distinction in finance from Purdue University.

Li Zhou

Nathan Hosselton

Enze Zhuang

Teddy Lu

Jonny Liao

Davis Tate


Kip Henke

Sydney Stephenson

Frank Lin

Joe Brummer

Ben Thomas

João Vieira

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Alex Keating

Jay Sun

Aditya Narvekar

Kevin Jiang

Alexis Wang

Marta Vitolins

Dan Howe

Rick Kao

Vikram Vaidyanathan

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Jone Yang

Gessler Liang

Jeff Hoover

Jeff Hoover

Carol Antunez

Carol Antúnez


Nicholas Efron

At the Core, Our Values

A company’s core values are like its DNA. They are a differentiator that pulls people to work for specific companies they align with. Since day one, Veo has operated from a set of values that distinguish us in the industry. These values do not belong to Veo — they belong to the people who power Veo. We share these values to celebrate who we are and to hold ourselves accountable to each other and the communities we serve. 

And if these values resonate with you — we’re hiring.

Build for the Future

We never sacrifice quality to achieve growth. Instead, we focus on building a solid, sustainable business that will leave the world better than how we found it. This includes taking calculated risks to address the most difficult challenges.

We All Ride

We understand that diverse teams are better equipped to serve diverse communities. Having different backgrounds gives us access to more creative problem solving, but it can also lead to conflict when we do not see eye to eye on a solution. To make diverse teams work, we need elevated levels of collaboration. At Veo, we prioritize common goals, so people embrace this challenge and expect to work through any differences.

Unlock Joy

We focus on bringing joy to our customers during the ride itself, and by helping cities become more sustainable, livable, and fun. 

Internally, we prioritize happiness by co-creating a positive work environment, including taking the time to celebrate accomplishments (no matter big or small) with each other.

Embrace Adventure

We understand that priorities and approaches constantly change in our fast-paced and emerging industry. We meet that challenge with an open mind, and the resiliency to accept that failures, changes, and setbacks are part of the journey. There is always more than one way to get to where we are going.

Constantly Recharging

As team members, we agree to continuously maximize opportunities to learn and grow. We do this by taking advantage of internal and external resources that help us better reflect on, evolve through, and improve on our skill sets.

As a work culture, we recognize and support the need to invest in and care for our own well-being, which might look different for each of us.

Own your ride

Individual accountability is the foundation of team and company success. We always take ownership of our personal responsibilities, but we also support one another, openly take and give honest feedback, finish what we start, and take pride in our work.