Blink, Blink

Signaling turns is required and important rider behavior and allowing riders to clearly do so without having to take a hand of the handlebars significantly improves rider safety on city streets.

We've got a new voice.
veo voice.

Veo Voice allows us to send the user a spoken warning on our devices, as well as an in-app notification that they have entered one of our geofenced zones or remind users of responsible riding behavior.

Rear Blinkers

The scooter industry’s first integrated turn signal switch on the handlebar and flashing rear blinkers allow scooter riders to signal other riders and drivers behind them without having to take their hand off the handlebars. 

Front and rear suspension

Reduces the potential of a rider falling off the scooter or loss of control from bumpy road conditions.

10 inch pneumatic wheels

Provides a more stable riding experience on changing terrain and more tire elasticity.

audible notifications

The Veo-Voice feature is an on-vehicle audible feature that talks to riders when entering a geofenced zone (e.g. No Ride Zone, No Parking Zone, Slow Ride Zone). Veo-Voice’s spoken warning lets riders know exactly what is happening and what to do, unlike mysterious beeping noises on other scooters.

gPS tracking

Veo’s on-vehicle IoT technology uses GPS and LTE cellular data to report vehicle position information within one second and allows storage of geofence maps locally, improving the typical 30-foot location radius for standard GPS systems to less than 1 foot.

swappable batteries

Veo was the first micro-mobility operator to use swappable batteries, allowing our Field Technicians to simply swap out the depleted battery with a fully charged one in the field, which increases vehicle availability, dramatically reduces fleet management VMT and congestion, and eliminates the need for gig-economy workers charging vehicles in their homes.

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