Biking it Forward: Veo Donates Bikes to Bronx School

Veo donates 36 bikes to P.S. 018 John Peter Zenger through Bike Match Network

It’s no secret shared bikes and scooters are part of a sustainable transportation future. And at Veo, we don’t stop there: we’re working to ensure our operations function as part of a circular economy, where products are shared, reused, repaired, and refurbished for as long as possible.

That’s why we were excited to learn about Bike Match, a free program led by New York City-based Transportation Alternatives that connects unused bikes with people who need them. This fall, we had 36 pedal bikes that were no longer needed in the region. Our local operations team notified Bike Match that these bikes were available, and within days we were matched with P.S. 018 John Peter Zenger, a public elementary school in the Bronx.

P.S. 018 had recently launched a new program with Equity Design to teach students and staff how to ride and repair bikes to support student wellness.

“Before we launched the program, many of our students did not know how to ride a bike,” said Anjelica Jordan, Principal of P.S. 018. “This past fall, we taught more than 30 students how to ride a bike. The program has been so popular we ran out of bikes! We look forward to incorporating the bikes from Veo into our programming in the spring.”

For Veo, this bike match was an ideal opportunity to advance our mission of making clean transportation accessible to all.

“Veo has had the pleasure of serving New York City and the Bronx community as a partner in the City’s e-scooter pilot program, so we jumped at the opportunity to donate bikes to P.S. 018,” said Alex Keating, Veo’s Head of Policy and Partnerships. “Veo is honored to support the school’s efforts to teach students the lifelong skill of riding a bike.”

Transportation Alternatives has matched hundreds of New Yorkers with bikes to date through the Bike Match program.

“We were thrilled to connect Veo with P.S. 018 and bring these spare bikes to a school where they can be used by new bike riders,” said Em Friedenberg, Senior Research Coordinator at Transportation Alternatives, who helps run the program. “We’re proud to say Bike Match has connected more than 475 New Yorkers with bikes since the program began, giving more people a reliable transportation option.”

Have a spare bike to donate? Visit BikeMatch.NYC and Transportation Alternatives will work to match your bike with a neighbor in need.