Bronx Pilot Phase 2: Activated

With the increasing popularity of shared scooters in the Bronx, we are pleased to announce that Veo is entering Phase 2 of the Bronx’s e-scooter pilot program. This includes service expansion to the East Bronx and a significant fleet increase. 

“Veo’s mixed fleet of stand-up, seated, and ADA accessible vehicles has made micromobility welcoming to a broad set of riders in the Bronx,” said Candice Xie, co-founder and CEO of Veo. “The City’s expanded pilot area will give even more residents access to scooters as a sustainable, affordable, car-free transportation option. We look forward to working with the DOT and local community to ensure a successful rollout.”

Veo is providing convenient, car-free options for Bronx riders. Since Veo joined the Bronx community, thousands of people have used Veo scooters to get where they need to go. In a recent user survey, 24% of Bronx riders said they were able to shed a personally owned vehicle or decrease their car usage because of Veo.  

What’s Happening:

Fleet Increase: We are increasing our fleet of Cosmo, seated scooters, and Astro, stand up scooters, from 1000 to 2000 total vehicles.

Service Expansion: In addition to service remaining in Wakefield, Edenwald, Co-Op City, Allerton, Morris Park, and Pelham Gardens; we are expanding our service area to Parkchester, Castle Hill, Country Club, and Throggs Neck. The expansion will provide connections to the NYC Ferry at Soundview Ferry Terminal and Ferry Point Park Terminal as well as more stops along the 6 train.  

Parking Corrals: To accommodate our fleet increase, more parking corrals to start and end rides will be available on White Plains Rd, Bronx Blvd, and Westchester Square. 

Free-Floating Parking: If ending a ride outside of corral locations, do not block the sidewalk, driveways, or private property. 

Wheelchair Accessible:  Veo is committed to increasing mobility access for all. We are proud to offer New Yorkers free of cost access to our adaptive vehicle. Our Electric Adaptive Wheelchair device converts most human powered wheelchairs into electric wheelchairs extending access to shared electric vehicles to persons of varying abilities. Riders can visit our website to learn more. 

Education Mode:

All new riders will have to complete their first 3 rides under Education Mode. This means that your first few trips have a limited speed of 10mph and can only ride between 6 AM and 8:30 PM. This allows riders to start off slowly while getting used to the throttle and brakes.

Bronx, NY Guidelines for Riding

  • • Ride in bike lanes or on streets with the flow of traffic 
  • • No sidewalk riding 
  • • Ride carefully and respectfully 
  • • Park in designated corrals to end your ride, if ending a ride outside of corral locations, do not block the sidewalk, driveways, or private property
  • • Helmets are highly encouraged
  • • Only 1 rider per vehicle 
  • • Be at least 18+ years old to ride 
  • • Never ride under the influence


The unlocking fee is $1 and cost per minute is $0.39. The typical 10-minute ride costs around $4.90. 

Veo Access

To help increase access and affordability to shared scooters, Veo offers the Veo Access Program which provides discounts to anyone eligible for local, state, or federal assistance programs. For $5 a month, the program allows eligible riders one free 30-minute ride per day, with waived unlocking fees and a $0.20 per minute fee afterward. 

“I love Veo and how accessible the vehicles are in my neighborhood. I especially love the low-income access program because if it wasn’t for the access program, I, as well as a lot of people in the Bronx, would’ve never been able to experience riding with Veo. Thank you for giving us this opportunity” one Bronx rider said. 

New riders can download the Veo App at, available both in the Apple Store and on Google Play. 

Bronx, NY, we love you. Thank you for having us for another year.