Featured Openings

General Manager

Branch Operations – Washington D.C.

Are you an operations leader with a bias for execution and excellent customer service? Are you excited about owning the success of a market and being responsible for its P&L? Are you passionate about creating and leading teams to transform transportation/mobility and the lifestyle in your city and local university? If so, you might be VeoRide’s next General Manager in Washington, D.C.

Android Software Engineer

Development- Chicago, IL

Do you enjoy creating mobile applications that allow users to live more productive and healthier lives? Do you enjoy creating mobile applications for Android devices? Are you willing to build a bridge between software and hardware and apply cutting-edge techniques to serve the users? Are you excited about solving some of the most challenging problems in transportation and urban planning? If so, you might be VeoRide’s next Android Application Developer.

National Market Launcher

Operations – Chicago, IL

Are you a tested road warrior with a blend of operations, marketing and sales experience? Are you excited about educating customers about a new technology and a new brand? Are you passionate about helping to build and lead new teams to transform transportation/mobility across various markets? If so, you might be VeoRide’s next National Market Launcher!


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