VeoRide, an innovative micromobility share company, today announced the City of Chicago has selected it to participate in the upcoming e-scooter pilot program which will debut on the City’s West and Northwest sides Saturday, June 15 and run through October 15.

“As the only e-scooter shared program provider based in Chicago, we are proud to be chosen to help the City cut down on traffic congestion, pollution and commuting stress. Our durable, commercial-grade e-scooter offers residents a new, affordable and convenient alternative to handle the last mile of their commutes, including the often logistically tough trek from trains and bus stations to their homes,” said VeoRide’s CEO, Candice Xie.

The pilot program is designed to help Chicago determine the viability of a permanent city-wide e-scooter share program that could ultimately reduce traffic congestion and cut commuting time and costs for thousands of residents. A permanent program would also have potential to provide new alternatives for neighborhoods and shift workers who have traditionally been underserved in terms of affordable commuting options. The e-scooters designed by VeoRide can travel at speeds up to 15 miles per hour and cost only $1.00 to unlock and fifteen cents per minute of use. The e-scooters can be located using the free VeoRide app, and easily shut down and returned at any available scooter or bike rack located in the pilot program boundaries.

“We look forward to having Chicago residents discover the joys of commuting via e-scooter through this program which can be a safe, fun, and affordable alternative to spending time in congested traffic. We believe the City will find the use of VeoRide e-scooters to be a tremendous step forward in its efforts to create sustainable new transportation alternatives,” Xie added.

About VeoRide

VeoRide, headquartered in Chicago, is one of the micromobility industry’s fastest growing and most innovative companies. With its unique swappable-battery technology, VeoRide designs and manufactures e-scooters that are built for the rigors of shared use, last longer and are safer to charge than the consumer-grade models on the market. The company has dozens of cities nationwide currently using its mobility share programs and is adding additional municipalities every month.


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