VeoRide Leads Micromobility Industry with Quick, Continuous Improvements

CHICAGO — The one constant in the shared mobility industry is change. Caught up in the frenzy to be the first to the game, micromobility companies often fail to create equipment that can withstand the rigors of shared use and overlook the importance of thoughtful and continual improvements necessary for a higher adoption rate. VeoRide refuses to operate out of this blind spot, taking a highly adaptive approach to its product development. The company regularly takes feedback from its users, relying on competitive analysis, data from operations (maintenance and vandalism rates), and lab testing to determine what adjustments to make to ensure that the best equipment is provided to the communities it serves.

For next-generation products, VeoRide proactively identifies significant hurdles and plans out product road maps from the very beginning. Take, for example, the massive challenge of battery-charging that so many in the e-bike and scooter industry are still struggling to tackle; VeoRide developed a swappable battery that eliminates the hassle of constantly moving fleets off the streets for re-charging and reduces the fire risk and environmental impact of unsupervised “crowd juicers” re-charging equipment in their homes, apartments or dorms. The company also designed an extra powerful motor, high-amp battery pack, and a lighter structure on its e-bikes to improve the ease of hill-climbing.

Now in its sixth month since its initial e-bike launch, VeoRide is already deploying its fifth generation of e-bikes which reflects many small improvements that have amounted to major changes that are improving the longevity and sustainability of the equipment. The company expects its current e-bikes and e-scooters to last years as opposed to the mere months the majority of others in the industry project with their current off-the-shelf models.

How long does it take to innovate?

VeoRide has a unique advantage in rolling out different iterations of its products in a much shorter timeframe than the industry’s norm. Other micromobility companies typically order a large number of bikes or scooters, in quantities of 20,000 or more at a time, and then roll those out to different cities in upcoming months. Every vehicle that these companies deploy must remain in the market for at least six months before they are able to launch a new model. In contrast, VeoRide’s engineering teams – including the R&D team, component team, quality engineer, graphics, tooling and manufacturing engineers – are able to make product changes in as little as 15 days.

The company iterates its products in almost every shipment. When they identify a product issue in the field, they immediately notify their R&D team and modify the design or change the components supplier within a week. Then VeoRide can ensure when they ship out the next batch, they won’t have the same issue again.

For example, VeoRide’s e-bike battery placement has the most unique design not only in the micromobility share industry but also in the traditional bike industry as a whole. The battery sits perfectly at the center of the bike, providing a lower center of gravity. The entire cable system is perfectly hidden and protected. VeoRide has the most compact and integrated battery pack design in the industry. Normally, for a battery to have the same capacity as VeoRide’s, it would have to be twice the size.

Why does this matter now?

Cities and universities are focused on safety, and VeoRide wants to make sure their products deliver on that promise. The company has improved equipment lighting, parking indicators, and braking technology, and has created bigger, more durable vehicles with better suspension and improved rideability. VeoRide is exploring different form factors as well. While they believe the kick scooter may be a good option today to transport people for a short distance, VeoRide is still experimenting with different vehicles they envision will help people commute more efficiently, quickly and easily in the future.

No one knows for certain what shape micromobility will take in the time to come, but VeoRide is committed to continuing to make the small changes that will move the world forward. 


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