Your next company perk is on two wheels

Transform employee travel with your own fleet of shared scooters and bikes.

Meet your sustainability goals

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions with all-electric micromobility.

Reduce travel time and increase productivity

With 24/7 access to shared scooters, employees can get there faster on two wheels. 

Stress-free and sweat-free

Access to throttle-assist vehicles makes it easy to take short trips without breaking a sweat. 

Safe and reliable 

Our fleets have the latest safety features and undergo regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. 

… and a lot of fun 

Don’t just take our word for it – ask your employees, and they’ll tell you how much they want to zip around on two wheels!

Corporate Partners

Veo Enterprise offers custom fleets of scooters and bikes, designed to meet the unique needs of companies and organizations.

Corporate campuses

Improve employee satisfaction and productivity by offering a convenient and sustainable way to get around.


Provide students, faculty, and staff with a reliable transportation option, whether they’re traveling across campus, to the bus, or to a parking lot.

City agencies

Enhance public services with a dedicated fleet that can be used for municipal needs.

And more

Any organization looking to innovate and improve employee transportation can benefit from our private fleet solutions.

Are you ready to upgrade the employee experience?

Contact us to learn more about Veo Enterprise and how we can develop a proposal that fits your specific needs. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way, from initial consultation to full implementation and support.