Halo eBike
Halo E-Bike
Our pedal assist e-bikes are built for durability and easy riding for a wide variety of riders. An advanced torque sensor automatically adjusts to the users pedaling to assist them where needed.
Swappable battery

The battery can run the motor for up to 65 miles depending on the gear being used by the rider. Its position within the bike’s frame creates a low center of gravity and improves control.

Built in lock

The bike’s lock, located right above the rear fender, is an easy to use cable lock-to system. Click below to watch a step by step instructional video on how to use the lock

Halo Pedal Bike
Halo Pedal Bike
Veo’s bicycle features the Shimano internal geared hub, tamper-proof solid tires, and an ultra-comfort saddle to maximize comfort and cater to riders of all sizes.
Dual mechanical brakes

Veo’s e-assist bike roller brake provides high reliability and quick replacement if maintenance is required.

Magnesium alloy wheels

Large 26-inch magnesium wheels are a stronger and more stable option than traditional spoke wheels.

Electric Bike Sharing

Download the app to find bikes near you.

Electric Bike Sharing

Download the app to find bikes near you.

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