What Does It Take To Stop Sidewalk Riding?

What does it take to stop sidewalk riding?

Let’s face it: Sidewalks can get crowded when bike and scooter riders travel alongside pedestrians.  

But why are riders taking the sidewalk in the first place?

Veo riders tell us the main reason they take the sidewalk is due to inadequate bike infrastructure.

Under one-half (41%) of Veo riders report riding on the sidewalk at least some of the time. The majority of these riders say they take the sidewalk because of unsafe streets (68%) and lack of bike lanes (64%). 

The solution is clear: Protected bike lanes 

Riders tell us they need protected bike lanes to feel safe while riding in the street. Protected bike lanes feature a physical barrier that separates bicyclists and scooter riders from car traffic.

If there was more access to protected bike lanes, the vast majority of sidewalk riders (73%) said they would stop sidewalk riding entirely – a win-win for pedestrians and riders alike. 

Because they make riders feel safer, protected bike lanes also help boost ridership, especially among “All Ages and Abilities” riders such as older adults, people of color, women, people with disabilities, and more. 

The message is clear: If cities install more protected bike lanes, we can free up sidewalk space for pedestrians and get more people riding. It’s that simple. 

Veo riders are already doing their part to clear the sidewalk: This winter, over 9,000 riders pledged to ride in the bike lane instead of the sidewalk. Now, we need to advocate for even more bike lanes to support a safer riding environment. 

Are you ready to support more protected bike lanes in your community? Reach out to your representatives or contact a local bike advocacy organization. Together, we can make our communities safer and more accessible as we advance a clean transportation future.

*Results and feedback from the 2023 Annual Rider Survey. Download here to see the full report