The Astro

A fully electric, eco-friendly scooter with front and rear suspension and a recyclable aluminum frame. The Astro's large tires and wide standing deck make it the ultimate, zero-emission ride.

The Cosmo

A cushioned seat and advanced steel suspension allows you to go the distance in style and comfort. Designed with safety in mind, the Cosmo features a well balanced frame and large 18-inch alloy wheels for enhanced control and performance.

The Halo eBike

Our pedal assist e-bikes are built for durability and easy riding for a wide variety of riders. An advanced torque sensor automatically adjust to the users pedaling to assist them where needed.

The Halo Pedal Bike

Veo’s pedal bicycle features the Shimano internal geared hub, tamper-proof solid tires, and an ultra-comfort saddle to maximize comfort and meet Users, of all sizes, demands.

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