Here’s to another 5 years, UIUC!

It’s official: Veo will be at UIUC for another 5 years. Veo has been proud to serve UIUC and Urbana/Champaign with accessible, sustainable transportation options since 2019. More than half of riders at UIUC do not own or have access to a car, showing how e-bikes are a crucial transportation solution for the community. 

For years, riders have loved getting around on the Halo-e, our classic pedal-assist e-bike. This summer, we upped the ante and worked with the University of Illinois campus to pilot a new vehicle type on campus: the Cosmo-e. You might have already taken one of these throttle-powered e-bikes for a spin. 

Halo-e vs Cosmo-e: What’s the difference? 

Both of these bikes provide an easy way for you to get to class without breaking a sweat.


Best for: Riders who prefer pedaling a classic bike with a boost. 

The Halo-e is our classic pedal-assist e-bike. As you pedal, the motor engages, giving you a boost so you can easily get to class without breaking a sweat. 


Best for: Riders who prefer a cushioned seat; people who cannot or do not want to pedal; riders who prefer a vehicle with a lower center of gravity.  

Unlike our classic Halo-e, you don’t have to pedal the Cosmo-e to engage the motor. Instead, just press the throttle with your thumb and off you go. But don’t worry, you can also pedal the Cosmo-e if you want – you’ve got options! We designed the Cosmo-e to increase access for riders of diverse ages and abilities. Now, riders who are unable to pedal or need support getting up to speed can use the throttle to get where they need to go – no pedaling required. 

UIUC riders are enjoying the ride: Riders have taken over 45,000 Cosmo-e rides on campus this year and counting. 

How To Ride

Locate a ride: Riders aged 18+ can locate vehicles on the map in the Veo app. 

Unlock and go: Using the Veo app, riders scan a QR code and pay $1 to unlock the vehicle then a per minute fee.

End your ride: Upon completion of the ride, riders must park their vehicle at a bike rack or a designated parking hub marked “e-bike parking”. Riders can find the nearest available bike rack or designated parking hub on the map in the Veo app. Finally, all riders must take a photo within the app to confirm proper parking. Remember: Rides not ended at a bike rack or designated parking hub will result in a fine. 

We’re so excited to see you riding on campus, getting to where you need to go in a fun and sustainable way. These past few years have been a blast and we can’t wait to continue to serve the community for the next 5 years. 

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