How To Ride With Veo

Get ready to enter a new era of mobility. Veo is here to take you where you need to go in the most fun and sustainable way. 

Download The VeoRide App 

Before you ride, download the VeoRide app in either the App Store or Google Play – Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll have a convenient, electric ride at your fingertips for trips around town!

Kickstart Your Ride 

Look for your nearest ride on the map in the app. Once you’ve located your ride, scan the QR code between the handlebars to unlock and get going. 

Protect Your Noggin’

We recommend all our riders to wear a helmet to ensure the safest ride possible.

Safety, Safety, Safety 

Before zooming off, check that the throttle engages and test the brakes. Give the throttle a press and the brakes a squeeze. If it’s all systems go, you’re set!

Let’s Ride

If you’re riding on our Astro standing scooter, place one foot on the floorboard and push off the ground with your other foot to kickstart your ride and engage the throttle. 

If you’re riding on our Cosmo seated scooter, take a seat! Place one foot on the footrest and use your other foot to balance yourself before engaging the throttle. 

Rules Of The Road

Always keep an eye out for people walking, biking, scooting, and driving.  And remember: the safest place to ride is the bike lane. 

The End Of The Road

When your ride comes to an end, remember to always park responsibly: that means that when your ride comes to an end, your vehicle should always be upright and out of pedestrian walkways. 

Parking requirements vary from city to city so be sure to check the rules on the Veo app before ending your ride.

Check out Parking 101 for a refresher on all parking styles.