Indianapolis: It’s Time to Scoot

Veo is bringing additional micromobility options to Indianapolis to enhance mobility, economic opportunity, and reduce emissions in Marion County. The fleet will include 500 Astro 4 stand-up scooters. 

“We’re bringing Veo scooters to Indianapolis to provide the community with increased access to clean transportation, helping connect people to transit and providing an affordable alternative to using cars for trips around town,” said Candice Xie, co-founder and CEO of Veo. “We look forward to working closely with the City and its residents to build a successful, long-term partnership that aligns with the transportation needs of communities across the city.”

The Astro 4 stand-up scooter is equipped with front and rear suspension for smoother riding, an active brake light system, bright LED lighting to help riders see and be seen, and audible “Veo Voice” notifications to help riders navigate around geofenced zones. 

How to Ride

  • • Using the Veo app, riders scan a QR code to unlock the vehicle. The cost to unlock is $1 and the ride costs $0.39 per minute. Scooters cannot be driven on sidewalks. 
  • • To end a trip, the Veo app helps users locate an approved parking area and take an “end of ride” photo of the properly parked scooter.
  • • Recommended parking zones, as well as no ride/no parking zones, are highlighted in the Veo app. 

Veo Programs

  • • To celebrate the launch in Indianapolis, Veo is offering a $5 credit that can be redeemed on the app using the code: RIDEINDY 
  • • The Veo Access Plan is available to eligible Indianapolis residents and university students who receive federal, state, or local assistance. The plan, which has a monthly fee of $5, waives the unlock fee for riders and provides a free 30-minute ride per day.
  • • To simplify riding with friends and family, Veo has a Group Ride feature that allows one Veo account holder to start multiple, simultaneous rides without others needing to create and use a Veo account.