Veo Cosmo Design & Production

Veo’s latest vehicle, the Veo Cosmo, is designed for comfort and safety in mind. Let’s take a look into how this innovative sit-down electric scooter was designed and brought to life.


Cosmo Origin

The idea of creating a sit-down scooter came from our user’s need of wanting variety and options when traveling. Standing is great for some people, others want something that feels closer to a bicycle. So we put on our thinking caps to satisfy our user’s needs.



Understanding users and the market is the first step towards innovation so we began this process by digging into pain-points and needs of the user.

A. Market Research

We began by learning the market landscape and analyzing the successes and failures in sit down vehicles. We took inspiration from bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, and even concept vehicles in sci-fi movies as way to lean into the future of mobility.

B. User Research

We talked to our internal teams and together with insights from our users form design criteria for the Cosmo. This knowledge helped shape the design of the vehicle.



The insights and the design guidelines feed into concept generation which addresses the pain points and needs of the user. At the same time, we think about the workflow and needs of our operations team who will service the vehicles.


3D Design

After sketching out the concepts, we bring the ideas to the next level with 3D software. We analyze the aesthetic and functionality of the design with attention to proportion and material details.



Once the design is ready, we bring it to reality by 3D printing the entire vehicle. We work with prototyping experts to fabricate large 3D printed polymer based parts so we can assess the comfort, safety, and proportions.


Final Design

After multiple rounds of testing and lots of trials and errors, the final design emerges. Innovation happens after understanding what not to do, so we learn from our failures and turn them into success stories. The design is finally ready for the manufacturing stage.

Key Features

LED Headlights
The headlight is integrated seamlessly into the Veo logo combining style and function for your next ride
LED Brake lights
Bright lights help you stay visible in day or night
Magnesium Wheels
18-inch magnesium alloy wheels with fat tire inspired pneumatic tires for ultimate stability and control.
Adaptive Suspension
Ride in style and comfort with an industry leading steel suspension system
Stabilized Ride
Designed with a low center of gravity, the Cosmo is balanced to perfection, making it one of the easiest and stable rides in the industry.
Swappable Battery
Veo was the first to introduce a swappable battery system and this innovation continues in the Veo Cosmo
High Visibility
Rider safety is our priority so we've added additional features like a glow in the dark logo for increased night time visibility



The Veo Cosmo frame is constructed from industrial strength aluminum alloy. Forged by both human and robotic welding techniques, the frame is built with strength, durability, and safety in mind.


Painting & Assembly

Once all the parts are produced we put on the finishing touches of paint and decal work. Each piece is painted with eco-friendly water based paint and quality is checked before advancing into the assembly process.



The final build is tested by our engineers and design team. We make sure the production quality meets our company standards by removing/fixing the vehicles that don’t qualify.

The Veo Cosmo was designed and manufactured with sustainability, safety and comfort as the main goal and was brought to reality by the hands of many of our team members.
As we continue our mission towards a greener world and push the boundaries, we are reminded by our users and our team that every effort counts when committed to building a brighter future.
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