E-Scooter Manufacturing Journey

Veo’s manufacturing and supply chain is in-house. This means we can control the entire supply chain process from design to fabrication and finally assembly. With our quick production turnarounds we can innovate faster and deliver a highly crafted product for you.


Construction Origin

Veo’s manufacturing process takes place at world-class factories where advanced robotics and production techniques are used to bring industry-leading vehicles to your community.

A. Raw Material

We begin by sourcing quality raw materials such as aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and polymers from our trusted partners.

B. Extrusion Process

The raw materials are extruded, hydroformed, and/or injection molded during the fabrication process. We use industry leading CNC and laser-based tooling machines to bring our complex ideas and designs to life.

C. Trimming / Quality Control

Each part is trimmed and inspected to ensure quality components are used for assembly. Our engineers/technicians understand the importance of detail in production.


Welding It Together

Veo uses world class metal production and welding practices using robotic arms and detailing by hand.  

A. Frame Construction

Almost like a scene from a science fiction movie, our vehicle frames are intricately welded together using high-tech robotic arms and finally detailed by hand. With safety in mind, we construct all our frames with precision and care to give our users peace of mind when riding.

B. Joints Treatment

Welded joints are treated and refined for structural and aesthetics. Quality control is enforced every step of the way to ensure consistency and engineering standards.


Painting & Details

After construction, the frame is sanded and primed for paint. Our water-based paint is both protective of the frame and eco-friendly. Once dried, the painted parts are sent to our label and details team where our branding and safety decals are applied by hand.



Time to put it all together! Once all the parts are ready to go, our assembly team follows a step-by-step process to construct the vehicle. Our staff works in concert with one another to assemble a full vehicle in just minutes!


Test Test Test

The final stage is to test the assembled vehicles for safety, quality, and functionality. Both machine-based and human testing are part of the protocol. Battery and digital components are also inspected at this stage. Once approved, protective wraps are applied to the fully-assembled vehicle as it’s readied for shipping.


Ship it!

As our fleets are packed in shipping containers the production story ends, but the life of the vehicle is just beginning…..

It feels like an epic journey for our vehicles to finally reach their final destination. We take pride in our brand, our team, and our product and strive to become better at what we do. Above all, we care about our users and their riding experience so we take our work to heart.

We are humbled to have an opportunity to provide a product and service that people appreciate, and we dedicate our lives towards a better future in mobility. Thank you for being part of this movement.

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