Veo Rebrand

Veo is growing rapidly and committed to a mission of sustainable transportation for the world. With growth came a rebrand that makes our brand adaptable and aligned for the future.


We All Ride

Veo found life as a bike-sharing company at Purdue University. The name “VeoRide” comes from “We”, as in “We all Ride”. Built on the value of inclusivity, VeoRide was formed to serve a growing need in sustainable transportation across the US.

A. Bike Sharing Origin

Veo originally launched with bike sharing as our main service, with pedal bike and e-bikes as the main fleets. The original logo, a bike in the form of a leaf, represented our core belief in eco-friendly transportation.

B. Beyond Bicycles

When Veo added electric scooters to the fleet, we took a moment to reflect and rethink who we are as a brand. Ultimately, we decided the brand needed to evolve and adapt to our new initiative which is beyond offering only bicycles as a service.


Introducing Veo

Our designers put on our thinking caps and started digging into very important questions… “Who are we?” and “Why do we do, what we do?” Through interviews with our founders, internal team members, and even our users, we discovered key insights that helped us shape the future of Veo.

The first step was shortening our name from VeoRide to Veo. Our users were already referring to our vehicles as “Veo Scooters” so it made sense to just go with it. But the change didn’t just end there!

A. A New Symbol

We took the essence the leaf and reimagined it based on who we are as company. Our team brainstormed new visuals to capture the sustainability aspect. After many rounds of sketching, debates, and hair pulling, we concluded that sustainability means being mindful of our product cycle. Based on that concept, we gave life to the last letter “o” as a symbol of our commitment towards a greener product life cycle.

B. The Portal

The core of our rebrand became the letter “O”, and we added a chevron arrow to represent the continuous forward movement and cycle of sustainability, innovation, and technology that drives Veo. The arrow’s path around the circular form also opened up the idea of a portal into a new world – a sustainable green world of the future. Into the portal we go!…


The Veo World

What does a modern futuristic world look like through the lens of Veo? Let’s take a look and explore it together below!

A. Glimpse of the Future

With inclusivity as one of our core values, the Veo world is imagined as a place for anyone to enjoy emission-free transportation. The soft shapes and crisp details of this world give a welcoming yet modern look to an urban environment.

B. The Details

Everything within our world is inspired by the future. From floating cars and buses to scooters with floating wheels, we pushed our creativity and imagination to bring people into a world with very little friction and lots of possibilities.


Logo in Print

The new Veo logo is visible on dark and light backdrops making it legible in all sizes. We reinforce brand recognition by being thoughtful about the placement and scale of our new mark.


The Veo App

The digital backbone of our service, our Veo App is designed to be intuitive, informative, and aesthetically pleasing. We’ve baked our Veo DNA into the App which can be seen from the map down to the individual buttons. Can you spot all the places were we’ve incorporated our iconic Veo Portal shape?

VeoRide app (left) and redesigned Veo app (right)


Veo Vehicles

Our vehicles all have highlights of our iconic color complimented by neutral grey and black tones. Our logos help anchor the brand and gives the vehicles a focal point, especially at night when it glows for attention.


A Distinct Typeface

We care about visual details and after considering all the different digital and print formats involved, we landed on an elegant and stylish header font, Barlow. To compliment it, we selected Nunito Sans as the body text to balance the overall visual weight of Barlow. We find this pairing to be refreshing and easy to read.


Veo Colors

Pairing with a distinctive typeface are colors unique to Veo. Our primary colors are bold and exciting with solid white, black and teal colors to create a unique look to Veo. We also use shades of the primary colors as our supporting colors for backgrounds and highlights.

Primary Colors

Supporting Colors



Veo’s photography style reflects inclusiveness while maintaining a futuristic style in a variety of urban and suburban settings.

Through this rebrand journey, we have not only discovered a new identity but along the way we’ve also found a new vision for our company and for our users. Change is not always comfortable, we get that, so we immersed ourselves in ambiguity in order to emerge with more clarity, dedication, and passion. In order to build a brand that we can be proud of, our creativity and imagination have been tested and pushed to new limits.
We hope anyone that engages with our product can tell there’s considerable thought behind each decision and action. Although our process isn’t fully 100% sustainable yet, we strive for that future daily. We believe we can get there together, one step at a time, one ride at a time.
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