App User Experience

The Veo app is an integral part of our ride share service from both a customer and operational standpoint. We design and build our apps in house to ensure everything is integrated seamlessly.


Who we serve

Our customers come from a variety of background, age, and transportation needs. Our goal is to provide an app experience that anyone can understand and use effortlessly.


Redesign of the Veo App

Since the rebrand, we moved away from our original name VeoRide and embraced our new image under Veo. With the new brand came a new aesthetic which we think is more modern and futuristic. We shifted away from the light tone map to a darker tone which plays nicely against our glowing teal highlights.

1. The Portal

One aspect of our new brand is the letter “O” in Veo. It is visually distinctive because it serves as a window or “Portal” into our “Veo World”. A world of sustainable transportation for all is what we are striving to make a reality today. The chevron arrow on top of the “O” represents the continuous cycle of sustainability, innovation and technology that drives Veo.

2. Veo Shape

We leverage our branded “O” as inspiration for designing different parts of the app. For instance, we scooter icon on the map is inspired from our branded shape.

3. Veo World and Illustrations

Here’s a glimpse into the Veo World we are building where sustainable transportation and clean energy is used everywhere. Elements from this world are also reflected in the Veo app such as characters, vehicles, and buildings.


Improving the User Experience

Part of the redesign was also to improve the structure and flow of the user experience. By creating a user flow and journey map we were able to visualize complex connections to help solve for interaction pain points.

A. User Flow

A user flow is high level visualization of how the app and all of it’s content is structured. The user flow helps connect the dots in improving specific aspects of the app resulting in a effective method to solve the right problems.

B. Journey Map

A journey map is a high level visualization of the experience of a person, a task or anything that has a sequence of interactions. Journey maps help reveal points of improvement in stages of an experience.

A journey map of a Veo Technician highlighting points of improvement in a shift

B. Onboarding in the Veo App

Onboarding is a crucial process for our users, it’s the sign up part  customers go through in order to use the Veo app. We improved the efficiency of this process by collapsing information together so there are less pages to read through, thus people can start riding quicker.

C. Technician App

The tech app is used by Veo technicians to move, maintain and find vehicles for repair. The core of the app revolves around the ability to scan the QR codes of vehicles in three modes: Rebalance, Maintenance and Battery Swap. From research we discovered that technicians found it slow and cumbersome to switch between different modes of scanning, because techs scan multiple vehicles at a time they wanted a faster way to scan. The redesigned screen adds this ability on the scan screen itself, resulting in a fast and effective process for technicians to complete tasks.

D. Improving Scanning Speed

Veo technicians are tasked with moving and repairing thousands of vehicles every month. The core of their tasks revolve around scanning the QR codes of every vehicle. In the field the technicians need to be able to switch between different scanning modes quickly. With the previous design this was a slow and cumbersome process to exit in and out of different modes. From research a new design was implemented that kept the scanning modes on the scan screen itself, increasing scanning speed and reducing errors significantly.

E. Veo Shop

We are very excited to launch our new Veo Shop within the app. To contrast the shop experience with the riding part, we decided to go with a light tone design. We hope people can shop with ease while exploring within this new feature.

The app experience is important to our users so we took time to not only redesign a better functioning app, but also one that’s enjoyable to use. We understand the importance of integrating software and hardware together so they can work seamlessly as a service. With a streamlined service, our users can focus more on a safe riding experience. Our commitment towards our partners and users drive us to keep improving all aspects of our product, so although we recently did a complete overhaul of our app, we are already thinking about new improvements and how to make the app experience even better.

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