Veo Jurisdiction Specific Terms

Last updated: September 26, 2022

Certain terms of the Veo User Agreement (the “Agreement”) do not apply, or additional terms will apply, to Users when accessing and using the Services within certain jurisdictions as provided below (the “Jurisdiction Specific Terms”).  Therefore, to the extent expressly provided below, the Agreement is hereby modified consistent with the provision below if and to the extent You are accessing and using the Services within a jurisdiction described below, but only with respect to such Services accessed and used within such jurisdiction. Veo may amend, modify, or change (including adding to or removing from) these Jurisdiction Specific Terms from time to time in accordance with the Agreement.

New York City East Bronx Pilot Zone. 

If You are accessing and using the Services within the City of New York, the following sections of the Agreement shall not apply to with respect to such access and use of the Services by You:
The provisions of Sections 7.3 (Binding Arbitration) and Section 7.5 (Class Action Waiver) are hereby deleted.

Santa Monica Service Area.

If You are accessing and using the Services within the City of Santa Monica the following terms apply:

For and in consideration of rental and use of the [Bike, Scooter], rider, for himself or herself and on behalf of rider’s heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, forever releases and relinquishes and discharges the City of Santa Monica and its elected and appointed officials, officers, employees, agents, contractors, and volunteers (Collectively, the “City”) from any and all claims, demands, disputes, losses, liabilities, debts, liens, charges, penalties, proceedings, causes of action and damages including for personal injury, wrongful death, property damage, and injury to rider or to third parties (Collectively, “Claims”), including unknown or unanticipated claims, which arise from or are related directly or indirectly to this agreement or the rental, maintenance, design, placement, use and/or operation of the Operator’s equipment, including the e- bikes, scooter, or the Operator’s website, including any and all claims related to the sole or partial negligence of the City or any other party. Rider herby expressly waives any claims against the City which rider does not know or suspect to exist in his or her favor at the time of renting an e-bike or scooter, and expressly waivers rider’s rights under any statues that purport to preserve rider’s unknown claims.

College Park, University Park, and the University of Maryland service area.

Section 8.2 of the Agreement does not apply within the College Park, University Park, or University of Maryland service area.