Meet the Cosmo 2: Veo’s Newest Seated E-Scooter

New features include audible noise to alert pedestrians that an e-scooter is approaching, bright underdeck lighting, and a custom phone holder for hands-free navigation

Today Veo revealed the Cosmo 2, our second-generation seated e-scooter, to further serve the diverse needs of micromobility riders. We will unveil the Cosmo 2 in person at the New York Auto Show in April, and the vehicle will debut in markets to be announced in July 2022.

The Cosmo 2 builds off the success of the Cosmo 1 with new features designed to improve accessibility, safety, and rider experience. Veo introduced the Cosmo 1, the industry’s leading seated e-scooter, in 2020 to increase access for riders of diverse ages and abilities. Market research found that people often cite lack of storage options for belongings, difficulty navigating on the go, and fatigue from taking longer rides as reasons for not using stand-up scooters regularly. The Cosmo 2 addresses these challenges and incorporates the latest innovations in safety – a top priority for cities and riders.

Veo integrated new safety and accessibility features into its seated e-scooter model, including:

  • • The industry’s first built-in audible electric motor noise that will alert pedestrians that an e-scooter is approaching
  • • Bright underdeck lighting and integrated turn signals modeled off Veo’s Astro scooter, which helps riders see and be seen at night
  • • An improved seat cushion to increase comfort for longer trips
  • • An ergonomic throttle that makes it easier and more comfortable for riders to travel long distances
  • • Fully enclosed wiring and handlebar guards that improve vehicle durability

Veo also added several convenience features to give riders more freedom and flexibility during their ride. Those include:

  • • A custom phone holder for hands-free navigation
  • • A Bluetooth speaker that syncs with smartphones so riders can hear directions or listen to music as they ride
  • • A basket with modular bungee cords that allows riders to carry a diverse range of items such as groceries, backpacks, and water bottles

What gets us so excited about seated e-scooters?

Veo’s seated scooters are making micromobility work for more people. The first-generation seated Cosmo 1 e-scooter is currently available in 13 markets across the country. The Cosmo 1 is used 23% more often than standing scooters and riders take trips that are 40% longer on the Cosmo than when using their stand-up counterparts.

“When shared scooters and bikes are fun and safe, more people will ride. And when more people ride, micromobility can help cities clear up congestion and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Teddy Lu, Veo’s head of design. “Veo riders want to scoot longer distances and carry larger items in an environment that is safe and easy to navigate. The Cosmo 2 incorporates this feedback to optimize rider experience and get more people riding.”

Innovations that last

The new Cosmo 2 retains features customers expect and appreciate from the Cosmo 1, such as active brake lights, glow-in-the-dark decals to increase visibility at night, and a well-balanced frame with 18-inch wheels. The Cosmo 2 will also continue to offer smart technology features, including Veo’s swappable battery system, real-time tip-over detection, and Veo Voice, an on-vehicle audible feature that alerts riders when entering slow-ride or no-ride zones.

Veo designs and manufactures its vehicles in-house, enabling the company to continuously innovate and deploy new form factors rapidly. Veo controls the entire supply chain process from design to fabrication and final assembly to ensure top quality and safety. The Cosmo 2 e-scooter is one of two new vehicles Veo plans to introduce to its portfolio in 2022.