VEO X New Rochelle

Veo is proud to provide New Rochelle with our micro mobility service. Learn more about the local program, rules and support below. 

Micro Mobility in toledo

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Rules of the road:

Must be at least 18 years old

Only one person per scooter

Helmets are encouraged

Do NOT ride on sidewalks

Follow all street signs and laws

Park Responsibly

  • Parked scooters should not block sidewalks, ramps, driveways, doorways, loading zones, public benches, ADA access, or transit stops


  • Scooters must be upright when parked


  • Scooters should not be parked in a way that could endanger pedestrians (such as parking with the platform jutting into the walkway, posing a tripping risk)

veo access

It is our mission to provide mobility services to all. Veo offers New Rochelle residents Veo Access our discounted fare program. Anyone who qualifies for a New Rochelle local, New York State, or federal assistance program, such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Medicaid, is eligible for Veo Access New Rochelle discounts. See the Veo Access homepage for instructions on how to apply.

Veo also provides a call based system to allow non-smartphone users and unbanked users to access our devices. Sign up for either service by calling Veo customer service at  855-836- 2256.

Contact Customer Support

+1 855 VEO-2256

[email protected]

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In New Rochelle, Veo offers our Astro stand up e-scooter and our Halo pedal bike.