Veo x Orlando

Veo is proud to provide the City of Orlando with our micromobility service. Learn more about the local program, rules and support below.

Rules of the road:

  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Obey all traffic laws 
  • No double riding
  • When riding on the sidewalk, ring the bell before passing
  • Observe stop signs and other traffic control signs
  • Observe the direction of travel on one-way streets

Park Responsibly

In Orlando, Riders can use the Veo App to locate parking locations, which will be identified as recommended parking locations on the App map.

Do not park:

  • In a manner that blocks or disrupts the passage of pedestrians on the sidewalk
  • In front of curb ramps, driveways, crosswalks, benches, street furniture, or transit stops
  • Near ADA access ramps

Do park: 

  • Upright
  • In public bike racks or designated parking locations where available

veo access

It is our mission to provide mobility services to all. Veo offers Orlando residents Veo Access our discounted fare program. Anyone who qualifies for a Orlando local, Florida State, or federal assistance program, such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Medicaid, is eligible for Veo Access Orlando discounts. See the Veo Access homepage for instructions on how to apply.

Veo also provides a call based system to allow non-smartphone users and unbanked users to access our devices. Sign up for either service by calling Veo customer service at 407-559-8007.


In Orlando, Veo offers our Cosmo seated scooter.

Reserve an Adaptive Vehicle

Veo is committed to increasing mobility access for all regardless of age, zip code, income, and ability which is why we are proud to offer Orlando residents free of cost access to our adaptive vehicle. Our Electric Adaptive Wheelchair device converts most human powered wheelchairs into electric wheelchairs extending access to shared electric vehicles to persons of varying abilities. 

Riders can reserve Veo’s Electric Adaptive Wheelchair device through the link below. Upon completing a reservation request, a Veo team member will follow up to confirm reservation details. The attachment will be delivered to riders’ preferred delivery location up to 2 business days after receiving a confirmation from Veo.

Veo delivers the vehicle to the rider’s door and picks up the device once the reservation is over. Riders may rent our Electric Adaptive Wheelchair device for up to a week at no cost. When done, Veo will schedule pickup of the device anywhere within the boundaries of our service area.

Program Details 

Complimentary Service 

Our Electric Adaptive Wheelchair Device is free to use & enjoy. 

Flexible Rentals 

Reservation requests will be answered within two business days. Rentals are available for 24-hours to a week & can be reserved in advance. 

Convenient Drop-off & Pick-Up

Trained team members drop-off, install, and pick-up devices at your convenience.

Contact Customer Support