Introducing The Cosmo X: Custom, Sleek, and All Yours

The Upshot

At a time when e-bike sales are outpacing electric car sales, Veo’s made-to-order, custom-designed Comso X is poised to transform the private micromobility industry the same way the Cosmo has transformed shared mobility. With 45+ miles of range, unparalleled comfort, and no pedaling required, the Cosmo X combines durability and customized design to take personal mobility to the next level.

Introducing the Cosmo X

Veo is thrilled to introduce the Cosmo X, the first customizable seated electric scooter that lets you own your style. It’s not a stand-up e-scooter, and it’s not an e-bike. And that’s why you’ll love it.

When Veo launched the Cosmo on the shared-use market in 2020, ridership was off the charts. It was clear we had developed something special: By combining the comfort of an e-bike with the throttle-powered joy of an e-scooter, Veo’s in-house design and manufacturing team made urban travel effortless.

With new Cosmos on the streets, riders were traveling longer distances than they ever had on stand-up scooters. Cosmo ridership surpassed e-bikes, too, with riders taking four times as many rides on Cosmos as our pedal-assist e-bikes. Rider feedback poured in:

“Not having to pedal is amazing.”
“Having a seat makes a world of a difference.”
“The Cosmo is the safest, most reliable, most comfortable ride out there.”
“Where can I buy one?”

Yup, as more and more people experienced this one-of-a-kind ride, requests to own a Cosmo flooded in. Today, we’re excited to answer: Veo’s Cosmo X is officially available for purchase. And to help you stand out from the crowd, Veo’s design team made it fully customizable so you can design a ride to match your style.

Here’s why we’re excited about the Cosmo X:

Designed by You

Your Cosmo isn’t just a scooter. It’s how you arrive. It’s your vibe. That’s why we designed the Cosmo X with customizable features so you can let your style shine through.

Make an entrance with a Malibu pink frame and a basket. Embrace your sense of whimsy with our signature Cosmic hue, featuring purple and blue shimmers. Add some sparkle with a Stardust frame and white rims. Veo’s unique manufacturing ability lets you mix and match to create a one-of-a-kind ride.

Then, top it off with your own custom greeting. The Cosmo X is the only e-scooter that offers a personalized “hello” through our Veo Voice system. You name it, your Cosmo X will say it.

Built to Last

After delivering tens of millions of miles of riding in shared-use markets across the country, Veo’s Cosmo X remains unmatched for durability and performance – and the Cosmo design keeps getting better.

Our in-house manufacturing process delivers a ride with the most durable features out there, including a 500W motor, 45 miles of range with no pedaling required, mountain bike-inspired suspension, an ultra-strong aluminum alloy frame, and more.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Cosmo X is packed with state-of-the-art features. The vehicle is integrated with Veo’s latest IoT, meaning this is our smartest vehicle ever. Riders get advanced security through the vehicle’s GPS tracking and locking features and real-time status updates on vehicle speed, battery life, and more.

On top of that, we’ve added embedded front and rear LED lighting, built-in speakers to power the custom Veo Voice features, a dual mechanical electric-assist braking system, and advanced charging capabilities that bring the vehicle to a full charge in five hours.

Advanced Security

Security is paramount, and the Cosmo X has you covered. Equipped with a built-in alarm system, auto-locking wheels, and GPS tracking when you need it, you can ride with confidence, knowing your vehicle only rolls with you.

The new era of mobility, customized by you.

Are you ready to enter the new era of electric mobility – and look good while doing it? Visit the Veo Shop today.