Parking 101

Every city and university has unique parking requirements and regulations – when you ride in your city, you will be informed what type of parking method is required of you to end your ride. However, no matter where you are riding, you will always need to A) park your vehicle upright and B) take an end-of-ride photo proving you parked correctly. 

Don’t you hate it when people park their cars where they shouldn’t? Same goes for e-bike and e-scooter parking. So, let’s park it right. 

Now, let’s get into parking styles.

Free Floating

The first and most common style is Free Floating. This means that your vehicle can be parked almost anywhere within your service zone. However, there are a few rules to follow  so you don’t end up with a fine:

  • • Do not block sidewalks, driveways, curb ramps, doorways, loading zones, public benches, ADA access, or transit stops.
  • • Do not park your vehicle against private property. 
  • • When parking on the sidewalk, make sure there is enough space left for someone in a wheelchair or pushing a stroller to get by. 
    • • Take a second and check your surroundings. If you are blocking the sidewalk or ramp or making it difficult for someone in a wheelchair to get by, that is not proper parking. Fix it or you will receive a fine!  
  • • Remember, always park it upright.

Corral Parking

The second and easiest way to ensure proper parking is in Corral Parking. This parking style provides a designated parking area for shared scooters and bikes, often marked by paint, and ALWAYS marked with a “P” in your Veo App, to ensure that vehicles are easy to find and well organized. After locating the nearest corral in the Veo App, you will find them on the sidewalk or in the road where cars park. 

Cable Lock

The final parking style is called Cable Lock. As the name suggests, you must use a cable lock to secure your vehicle to a bike rack or sign post at the end of your ride.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to bring a lock – there is one provided for you and attached to your vehicle.

To unlock a vehicle in a cable-lock parking style: 

  • • Tap “Begin Unlocking” in the Veo app.
  • • Press the button on the lock and wait for a blue light to appear.
  • • Tap “Start Ride” in the app and the lock and device will unlock.

To lock a vehicle in a cable-lock parking style: 

  • • Lock the vehicle on a bike rack or street sign.
  • • Do not lock the vehicles to bus stop signs, disabled parking signs, trees, fire hydrants, or private property. 

And remember: keep it clean, keep it clear, and keep it upright. Thanks for doing your part to help your local shared scooter or bike program run smoothly.