Product Spotlight: Blinkers

Turn signals on a scooter? That’s right – Veo’s Astro 4 is the first scooter in the industry to feature integrated turn signals, a.k.a. blinkers.

Here’s why we think turn signals are a game-changer for both safety and customer experience:

A safer ride: Turn signals allow for hands-free communication between riders and other road users, making streets safer for everyone. Whether a rider is turning left, turning right, or changing lanes, turn signals let other road users know where a rider is headed, reducing the risk of collisions.

A better experience: Turn signals support a better ride by letting riders keep their hands on the handlebars so they can focus on riding safely. Gone are the days of riders struggling to balance while taking a hand off the handlebars to signal. With turn signals, riders simply flip a switch to activate the blinkers and signal their next move. 

Next time you hop on an Astro 4 with blinkers, we hope you feel just a little more safe, in control, and confident while riding on two wheels.