Product Spotlight: Veo Voice

Picture this: You’re riding along and all of a sudden, your scooter slows down and starts talking to you. You look around, but no one’s around you. You ask yourself, “am I hearing things, or did this scooter really just talk to me?” Then it tells you, “slow ride zone” and your scooter slows down as you enter on a park path.

Meet Veo Voice: Veo’s audible rider notification system. 

Veo Voice gets rid of the confusion: No more getting distracted and having to look at your phone for notifications about what those beeping sounds may be. Veo Voice gives riders clear and specific information about what’s happening before entering a slow or no riding zone. Keep your phone in your pocket, your hands on the handlebars, and stay focused on your ride.

Veo Voice helps reduce confusion and uncertainty for riders while improving safety, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations, and guaranteeing a smooth ride from start to finish. 

Want to ride with Veo Voice? Unlock a ride on any of our Cosmo, Cosmo-e, and Astro vehicles as well as the Apollo (coming soon!). 

No more mysterious sounds, just keep an ear out for Veo Voice.