Veo x Providence

Veo is proud to provide the City of Providence with our micromobility service. Learn more about the local program, rules and support below.


Shared Mobility Services in The Bronx

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Rules of the road:

Helmets are not required but strongly encouraged

Obey all traffic laws

Yield to pedestrians

Do not block sidewalks

One person per device

Must be 18 or older to ride

Please be careful when riding on the sidewalk. Sidewalk riding is permitted, but only if you don’t impede pedestrians or endanger sidewalk users. While operating on sidewalks and in crosswalks:

  • slow when approaching and overtaking pedestrians, other device operators, and other sidewalk users;
  • maintain a distance of at least two feet from pedestrians, other device operators, and other sidewalk users;
  • make an audible signal before overtaking a pedestrian, other device user, or another sidewalk user;
  • slow to a walking speed when approaching and entering intersections; and
  • dismount if you can’t do the above or otherwise to not impede pedestrians

Park Responsibly

Do not park:

  • In front of driveways, crosswalks, and transit stops
  • Near ADA access ramps
  • Near utilities (such as fire hydrants)
  • On sidewalks with less than 4 feet pedestrian clearance

Do park: 

  • In the furniture zone, bicycle rack, or other “designated” hubs

veo access

It is our mission to provide mobility services to all. We invite eligible customers (including those receiving SNAP, WIC and RIPTA reduced fares; RI Works participants; residents of public housing; and those living with a student who receives free/reduced lunch) to sign up for our Veo Access program. See the Veo Access homepage for instructions on how to apply.

Veo also provides a call based system to allow non-smartphone users and unbanked users to access our devices. Sign up for either service by calling Veo customer service at  855-836- 2256.

Contact Customer Support

+1 855 VEO-2256

[email protected]


In Providence, Veo offers our Astro 4 scooter and Halo-E electric bicycle. 

service area map