Purdue University and West Lafayette, IN

Veo is proud to provide Purdue University and the city of West Lafayette, IN with our micromobility service. Learn more about the local program, rules, and support below.

Shared Mobility at Purdue University and in West Lafayette

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Rules of the road:

  • Sidewalk riding is prohibited
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Observe stop signs and other traffic control signs
  • Observe the direction of travel on one-way streets
  • Riding scooters while intoxicated is equal to driving while intoxicated
  • Carrying another person or any article preventing the operator from using both hands on the handlebars is prohibited

Special University Regulations

  • Operate devices only on streets or bicycle/shared-use paths 
  • In some areas of campus with increased pedestrian traffic, devices must be dismounted and “walked” where posted
  • Use hand signals to alert others of the intent to turn or stop

Park Responsibly

The best place to park a Veo is at a designated parking corral or any bike rack. If a designated parking corral or bike rack is unavailable, the next best location is in the “furniture zone” or the section of the sidewalk between the curb and the pedestrian through zone where street furniture, lighting, benches, utility poles, tree wells, and bike racks live. 

Never leave a Veo blocking sidewalks, curb ramps, ADA access, doorways, or in other high foot traffic areas where they may become an obstruction.

You can view the City of West Lafayette’s recommended scooter parking locations here. Riders can also use the Veo App to locate parking locations, which will be identified as recommended parking locations on the App map.

On Purdue University’s campus, scooter parking is recommended at bicycle racks or in designated zones provided specifically for bicycle and micromobility parking. These areas will be marked as recommended parking locations for users in the Veo App. Devices may not be attached to campus facilities, landmarks, or landscaping.

veo access

It is our mission to provide mobility services to all. Veo offers Washington DC and Arlington residents Veo Access, our discounted fare program. Enjoy free 30 minutes rides for $5 a month and discounted rates on rides over 30 minutes. Anyone who qualifies for recurring local, Virginia state, or federal assistance programs, such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or WIC is eligible for Access pricing.


At Purdue University and in the city of West Lafayette, Veo offers our Astro stand up scooter, Cosmo seated scooter, and Halo bike.

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