Ride like a pro and #StayInYourLane

Thank you to the 9,000+ riders who pledged to #StayInYourLane — we’ll see you in the bike lane. 

At the end of October, we launched our #StayInYourLane campaign to encourage bike lane riding and discourage a common issue in many cities: sidewalk riding. While rules vary in each city, one point rings true: taking the bike lane instead of the sidewalk frees up space for pedestrians, keeping everyone safer.

Save The Sidewalk For… 

Throughout the campaign, we wanted our riders to think about others traveling near them: whether it be family, neighbors, or your friend’s pet Fido. Moving forward we ask you to think about your community before cruising onto the sidewalk. 

Be a Bike Lane Pro

Opting to ride in the bike lane versus the sidewalk is a simple act that can make a big difference in someone’s day. Riding in the bike lane not only ensures a smoother flow of traffic, it also promotes harmony between different modes of transportation.

Signal Like a Pro

Safety isn’t just about where or how you ride, it’s also about how you communicate. On the occasion that you find yourself on a vehicle type that does not have integrated turn signals, it’s important to learn how to be your own turn signal. In all facets of life, communication is key 🔑. 

Keep The Momentum Rolling: Speak Up for More Bike Lanes

As the active campaign rolls to a close, it’s crucial to keep the momentum going. Now that our riders are equipped with the knowledge of being a pro in the bike lane, it’s time to advocate for safer streets in your community. 

Did you know that some people ride on the sidewalk because it makes them feel safer when a protected bike lane is not available? Reach out to your representatives or contact a local bike advocacy organization to fight for more protected bike lanes in your city. With a connected, protected bike lane network you can always #StayInYourLane.