Riding in Rochester

Get ready to ride, Rochester, your mixed fleet has arrived! Just in time for summer, Veo launched a fleet of seated e-bikes and standing scooters, providing residents and visitors with new sustainable transportation options.

Cosmo-e, class II throttle-assist e-bike

Alongside our traditional standing electric scooter, we’re bringing our class 2 throttle-assist e-bike, the Cosmo-e, to Rochester. Big tires, a low center of gravity, and throttle provide a comfortable ride with no standing or pedaling necessary! Need help on the hills or want an extra boost? Engage the throttle and cruise. Our riders love the flexibility and comfort of the Cosmo-e, especially when they’re going the distance.

How To Ride

  • Locate a ride: Riders aged 18+ can locate vehicles using the free VeoRide app.
  • Unlock and go: Using the VeoRide app, riders scan a QR code and pay $1 to unlock the vehicle. Riders then pay a $0.33 per-minute rate for the Astro standing scooter and a $0.36 rate for the Cosmo-e class 2 e-bike.
  • End your ride: Upon completion of the ride, riders can park their vehicle in a bike rack or on the perimeter of the sidewalk outside of the pedestrian right of way. Riders must take a photo within the app to confirm proper parking.
  • Try out Group Ride: Want to ride with friends? Try out Veo’s Group Ride feature, which allows one rider to unlock multiple vehicles for their friends. 

Rochester riders can get $5 in free credit with the promo code “RIDEROC”  through 7/31, while supplies last. Riders with low incomes can visit veoride.com/veo-access to apply for a discounted rate.   

Safe Riding Tips

  • • Yield to pedestrians: Respect pedestrians’ right of way and maintain a safe distance while riding. Exercise caution when passing or crossing paths with walkers or joggers.
  • • Wear a helmet: Prioritize your safety by wearing a helmet throughout your ride.
  • • Activate Education Mode: New or learning riders can activate Education Mode in the app to limit their speed as they get used to riding with Veo.