Rochester NY

Veo is proud to provide the City of Rochester’s Shared Micromobility Program provider. Learn more about the local program, rules, and support below.

Rochester’s Shared Micromobility Program

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Rules of the road:

Helmets are strongly encouraged

Observe stop signs and other traffic control signs and always yield to pedestrians

Observe the direction of travel on one-way streets

Sidewalk riding is prohibited inside the City Center District, excluding sidewalks which are marked as part of the Genesee Riverway Trail

Double-riding is prohibited

Park Responsibly

In Rochester, Riders can use the Veo App to locate parking locations, which will be identified as recommended parking locations on the App map. Riders should park in bike racks or recommended parking locations whenever possible. 

Do not park:

  • In a manner that blocks or disrupts the passage of pedestrians on the sidewalk
  • In front of curb ramps, driveways, crosswalks, benches, street furniture, or transit stops
  • Near ADA access ramps

Do park: 

  • Upright
  • In public bike racks or designated parking locations where available
  • In the furniture zone of the sidewalk

veo access

It is our mission to provide mobility services to all.  In Rochester, Our Veo Access discounted fare program is available to individuals receiving assistance from many state, local, and federal assistance programs.  See the Veo Access homepage for instructions on how to apply.


In the City of Rochester, Veo offers our Astro stand up scooter and Cosmo-e class II e-bike.

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