veo’s commitment

design for safety

Veo designs all of our vehicles in-house, we have been uniquely able to prioritize safety and durability in our fleet. Each new model is enhanced and improved based on technological advancements and  feedback from riders, city officials, and community members. Our vehicles and mobile app  include the following key components and features to provide the safest ride for users:

new rider?

If you are new to the world of e-scooters, you can choose to activate Education Mode in the Veo app. This will reduce the max speed of the scooter, allowing you to start off slowly while you get used to the throttle and brakes.

front and rear 


Every Veo stand-up scooter comes standard with front and rear suspension. Better suspension means riders can worry less about the road conditions below them and keep their eyes on the cars, pedestrians, and cyclists around them.

night visibility

Powerful front, rear and underdeck lights are always on during the entire trip for riders to see and be seen at night.

braking systems

Our three independent braking systems protect the rider and ensure the vehicle comes to a smooth and complete stop. Built-in sensors monitor the brake functionality of each device to ensure our users’ safety.

Integrated turn Signals

Turn signals allow riders to communicate with other travelers without having to take a hand off the handlebars, making it safer and easier to ride.

Fast, Accurate, and Informative Geofencing

Veo’s on-vehicle technology includes under one second geofence enforcement. Veo stores our geofence rules and city maps locally on our vehicles to ensure real-time geofence enforcement. Please see our How to Ride page for more information about Veo’s geofence rules.  

Veo Voice’s on-vehicle audible feature talks to riders when entering a geofenced zone. The spoken warning lets riders know exactly what is happening and what to do instead of having to check their phones for notifications while riding, unlike mysterious beeping noises.

Be Safe on veo

Always wear a helmet to ride Veo. Accidents happen. A helmet can save your life.

Never ride while drunk or otherwise intoxicated. Riding while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal and extremely unsafe for you and others.

It’s prohibited and unsafe to ride with more than one person at a time. Tandem riding affects balance and the functionality of the brakes. Invite your friend to ride their own scooter by trying out our new Group Ride feature in select markets.

Be aware of your surroundings, including surrounding traffic and pedestrians. Do not text and ride.

Road Rules

When riding, follow all traffic rules including street signs, traffic lights, and stop signs.

Ride on the street in bike lanes or close to the right curb. No riding on sidewalks, unless local laws permit it. Ride with traffic on one-way streets, not against traffic.

Always let pedestrians go first. Use the scooter or bike’s bell appropriately. Remember people with disabilities can’t always see or hear you.

You must be 18 years old or older to ride a Veo e-scooter or e-bike.

See our local pages for city and university specific rules.

Park it

Don’t block sidewalks, curb cuts, access ramps, doors, bus stops, and traffic. If parking on a sidewalk, make sure you leave enough room for a wheelchair or stroller to get by – at least three feet.

Make sure the kickstand is securely in the down position to keep the scooter or bike upright. Avoid uneven surfaces like gravel, grass, or steep inclines.

Park scooters and bikes close to the curb, either within a designated marked parking zone or near a scooter/bike rack.

safety checklist

Veo’s in-app checklist prompts new riders to click through parking, riding, and safety rules, and specifically asks riders to confirm they understand that drinking and riding is prohibited.

How to ride

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