Veo x Santa Clara, CA

Veo is proud to provide Santa Clara with our micromobility service. Learn more about the local program, rules and support below.

Shared Mobility Services in Santa Clara

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Rules of the road:

Wear a helmet

Obey all traffic laws

Do not ride on the sidewalks

Yield to pedestrians

Ride in the bike lane or street

One person per device

Must be 18+

Park Responsibly

Do not park:

  • In front of driveways, crosswalks, and transit stops
  • Near ADA access ramps
  • Near utilities (such as fire hydrants)
  • On sidewalks with less than 4 feet pedestrian clearance
  • On private property


Do park: 

  • In the furniture zone or other approved areas

veo access

It is our mission to provide mobility services to all. Veo offers Santa Clara residents Veo Access – our discounted fare program. For $5.00 a month, Veo Access provides 30 minutes of free riding per day (and $0.20 a minute after that) to eligible Santa Clara residents.

Anyone who qualifies for recurring Santa Clara local, California state, or federal assistance programs, such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or housing vouchers or residency in Santa Clara Public Housing, is eligible for Veo Access San José discounts. 

How to sign up for Veo Access:

  • Download the Veo app, create an account, and save a default payment method.
  • Apply for Veo Access here. Upload documentation – like your SNAP or WIC card or Santa Clara Housing Agency lease or housing choice voucher – for proof of eligibility.
  • Once approved, your default payment method will be charged $5.00 every 30 days.

Contact Customer Support

+1 855 VEO-2256

[email protected]

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In Santa Clara, Veo offers the Cosmo seated scooter and the Astro 4 stand up scooter.