VeoRide’s Top of the Line E-Scooters

Hit the Streets of Wichita

WICHITA – VeoRide, an innovative micromobility share company, will have the first of its city-wide fleet of 500 e-scooters hitting the streets of Wichita today. Known for designing and manufacturing the safest and most comfortable e-scooters on the market, VeoRide also has a well-earned reputation for being a cooperative municipal partner.

“We are thrilled to be working with the city of Wichita to provide its residents with a sustainable transportation alternative,” said Spencer Dickerson, Western US Regional Manager, VeoRide. “Together we will be aligned in our mission of reducing car emissions and time wasted in traffic, while also providing areas of the city that need more first and last-mile commuting options with a quicker, easier, and more fun way to get where they need to be. All they have to do is download the VeoRide App and go.”

Wichita e-scooter riders are also reminded to heed a few simple rules:
* Use bike lanes instead of sidewalks
* Always wear a helmet
* Riders must be at least 18 years of age

Unlike the consumer grade models widely used by competitors, VeoRide’s e-scooters are built specifically for commercial shared use and have many unique safety features including wider ride decks for user stability, wider tires to handle rough pavement, mechanical brakes as opposed to e-brakes that can be hacked into and less user intuitive, and front, rear, and undercarriage lighting.

The company also has a locally hired support team in Wichita and its e-scooters boast the only field swappable batteries in the industry. This technology and corresponding operational model mean that more of VeoRide’s fleet is operational and ready to go at any given time. Additionally, VeoRide’s unique swappable batteries negate the fire hazards associated with gig economy e-scooter charging often taking place in apartment buildings and garages.

VeoRide, headquartered in Chicago, is one of the micromobility industry’s fastest growing and most innovative companies. With its unique swappable-battery technology, VeoRide designs and manufactures e-scooters that are built for the rigors of shared use, last longer and are safer to charge than the consumer-grade models on the market. The company has dozens of cities nationwide currently using its mobility share programs and is adding additional municipalities every month.

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