Shifting Modes: Veo’s Rider Survey Results

As Veo partners with cities across the nation to help them achieve their transportation goals, there is one statistic that stays top of mind: About 50% of car trips in urban areas are three miles or less. This is our opportunity for change. Robust micromobility programs paired with safe travel lanes can replace these short car trips, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering happier, more connected neighborhoods.  

Veo conducted our first-annual rider survey to better understand our riders and help cities more effectively reach their goals. Today, we’re excited to share that the data is in: Veo’s partnerships with cities are getting people out of cars and advancing a safe, equitable, and sustainable transportation future. 

In fact, 43% of riders reported that Veo helped them get rid of a personal vehicle or drive less. In Santa Monica, California, 35% of riders reported that they were able to shed or reduce usage of a car and 57% of riders in Saint Petersburg, Florida reported the same. So what is it about Veo that is helping large numbers of riders shift modes? 

For one, Veo is working to increase micromobility access for riders of diverse ages and abilities. Our seated scooter, the Cosmo, was designed to broaden the appeal of scooting, and it is working. Our survey found that a third of our riders are over the age of 36 and that cohort of riders has a preference for our seated Cosmo scooter. The seated scooter is also appealing for longer commutes, with riders taking trips that are 40% longer on Veo’s Cosmo than the Astro.  Finally, 49% of riders reported that Veo makes transportation more affordable, while women report that it also makes them feel safer, more independent, and better connected to equal opportunities in the workforce.  This survey captured some of those voices: 

  “Veo gets me home late at night. Without Veo, I don’t know how I would be getting home since everyone is asleep and I’m alone and my home is far. It makes me feel safer traveling at night.”

-female rider in Charlottesville, VA

The data scientists at Veo worked long and hard on this report, which you can review in full here (PDF). As Veo’s first-ever rider survey, we will use the data as a baseline and monitor our progress annually. We look forward to tracking these milestones and reporting back so we can shape a better transportation future together.  

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