VEO X Texas A&M

Veo is proud to provide College Station and Texas A&M University with our micro mobility service. Learn more about the local program, rules and support below.

Scooters in texas a&m

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Rules of the road:

Obey all traffic laws

Helmets recommended

Yield to Pedestrians

Follow the flow of traffic

Park Responsibly

  • Must lock to bike racks
  • Don’t block crosswalks, sidewalk, fire hydrants, outdoor furniture, driveways or doorways 
  • Do not park on private property
  • Do not park on accessible ramps
  • Do not park lock your bike to trees
Riders are required to lock Veo bikes to a rack or approved parking device before ending their rides. Failure to lock the bike to a rack will result in fines up to $75 and account suspension.

Contact Customer Support

+1 855 VEO-2256

[email protected]

service area map


In College Station and at Texas A&M University, Veo offers our Cosmo seated e-scooter and our Halo pedal bike.