Valentines Day promo: Take your date on a Group Ride and get $5 in ride credit

This Valentine’s Day take your hunny on a two-wheeled adventure! To celebrate love, Veo is offering $5 in credit when you unlock two scooters or Cosmo e-bikes from your phone and ride together via Group Ride. So grab a couple helmets, a smooch, and awayyyy you go. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Make sure you’re in one of our Group Ride eligible markets: Charlottesville/University of Virginia, Colorado Springs, Fayetteville, Long Beach, Seattle, and Norman/University of Oklahoma.
  2. Find your nearest scooters or Cosmo e-bikes on the app and start a Group Ride by using the separate “Group Ride” button on the map screen of the Veo app.
  3. Unlock your scooters: First scan the QR code on the vehicle that you will be using for yourself (this is the Host vehicle), then your date’s vehicle. When you tap Start, all vehicles will unlock at the same time and you can begin riding.
  4. End your ride: When you’re ready to end, simply return to the app and tap End All. A photo showing both vehicles parked properly may be required.
  5. Spread the love: Post a picture and tag us on Twitter at @veoridemobility or on Instagram at @veoride.mobility #weallride 

Be safe out there, valentines!