Veo Brings Throttle-Assist E-Bikes to Arlington and Alexandria

Veo has officially begun deploying its fleet of 400 class 2 e-bikes in Arlington County and 300 class 2 e-bikes in Alexandria to increase access to sustainable transportation in the community. The Cosmo-e throttle-assist e-bikes will add a new vehicle type to Arlington County’s and the City of Alexandria’s micromobility fleets, creating greater accessibility for riders.

Veo offers the shared micromobility industry’s only class 2 throttle-assist e-bike, which features a throttle and pedals to make it easier for riders of varying body types and physical abilities to ride long distances comfortably while maintaining balance and control. 

“Arlington and Alexandria have long been at the forefront of urban mobility as adopters of the region’s bikeshare system over a decade ago,” said Candice Xie, CEO of Veo. “We’re working closely with local leaders to increase the use of shared mobility in the region and bring new riders into the fold with our class 2 e-bike.”

Having a new mode of sustainable transportation will help Arlington and Alexandria reach the aggressive targets they have set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. In a recent survey, 43% of Veo riders said they have been able to shed a car or decrease their car use because of access to micromobility. 

How to Ride

  • • Using the Veo app, riders 18 years of age or older scan a QR code to unlock the vehicle. The cost to unlock is $1 and the ride costs $0.39 per minute. 
  • • To end a trip, the Veo app helps users locate an approved parking area. Riders must take an “end-of-ride” photo of the properly parked bike.
  • • Recommended parking zones, as well as no ride/no parking zones, are highlighted in the Veo app. 

Veo Programs

  • • To celebrate the launch in Arlington and Alexandria, Veo is offering a $5 credit that can be redeemed on the app using the code: HIVA5. This credit will be available through October 29th while supplies last. 
  • • The Veo Access Plan is available to eligible Arlington and Alexandria residents who receive federal, state, or local assistance, and students who are FAFSA eligible. The plan, which has a monthly fee of $5, waives the unlock fee for riders and provides one free 30-minute ride per day. Additional rides are $.20/minute. 

Community Outreach 

As part of the initial launch, Veo staff will be conducting outreach to educate community members about safe riding, hand out free helmets, and sign people up for the Veo Access program. 

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