What’s Your Story? Shared Mobility For a Cleaner Planet

Happy Earth Day!

There’s one statistic we keep top of mind at Veo: Around half of car trips in the U.S. are three miles or less. This is where shared scooters and bikes can make a difference. Robust micromobility programs paired with safe streets can replace many of these short car trips, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and supporting a healthier planet.

In a recent survey,* 43% of Veo riders said they were able to shed a personally-owned vehicle or decrease their car usage because of micromobility. Are you one of these riders?

To celebrate Earth Day, we invite you to join us in sharing how Veo has made it easier for you to get around without your car or a ride-hail vehicle.

🚇 Does Veo help you travel that last mile home from the train station?

🧡 Does our seated scooter give you the comfortable ride you need after a long day on your feet?

🚗 Were you able to sell your car because our shared scooters and bikes provide a safe, reliable alternative?

Share your story for a chance to win $100 in Veo ride credit:

Post a photo or video on social media and tell us how you get around on a Veo scooter or bike instead of a car. Include the hashtag #EarthMonthWithVeo and tag us on Twitter or Instagram between April 22nd and April 30th. Submissions must be publicly visible as a post on your account. We’ll select three random winners to receive $100 in ride credit.

Happy Earth Month from all of us at Veo. Thanks for doing your part for the planet by using shared mobility.

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