Veo Launches in Providence

Veo is expanding micromobility options in Providence, RI. As part of the city’s micromobility program, Veo is deploying a mixed fleet of 200 Class 1 e-bikes and 200 stand-up e-scooters. 

“The expansion of micromobility options in Providence gives our residents and visitors another safe and sustainable way to explore the City,” said Mayor Jorge O. Elorza in a press release issued by the City of Providence. “Expanding the availability of e-bikes and e-scooters in Providence allows riders to pick a vehicle that best fits their journey while simultaneously improving transit efficiency in our city. Working with Bird, Spin and Veo, we are improving mobility in Providence while also providing benefits for low-income riders.”

Veo’s Astro standing scooter is easy to balance and includes safety features such as a headlight that always remains on and active brake lights above the rear tire. The Halo-E pedal assist e-bikes are built for durability and easy riding for a wide variety of riders. An advanced torque sensor automatically adjusts to the users pedaling to assist them where needed.

How to Ride:

  • • Using the Veo app, riders scan a QR code to unlock the vehicle. The cost to unlock an Astro scooter is $1 and $0.39 per minute while the Halo e-bike costs $1 to unlock and $0.25 center per minute.  
  • • To end a trip on a scooter, the Veo app helps users locate an approved parking area and take an “end of ride” photo of the properly parked scooter. 
  • • To end a trip on a bike, users must use the provided cable lock to lock their bike to a street sign or bike rack. 
  • • No ride/no parking zones are highlighted in the Veo app and extra caution should be used when riding on sidewalks, always yielding to pedestrians and allowing room to pass.

“Veo’s micromobility fleet offers Providence convenient, low-cost, emission-free transportation options and a fun way to get around town,” said Candice Xie, Veo co-founder and CEO. “We’ve worked closely with city leaders to continue to build a program that supports the multimodal transportation needs of the community, and we’ll continue to work closely with them as the program evolves to ensure a successful partnership.”

To continue micromobility access to all, the Veo Access program is available for eligible riders. For $5 a month, qualified riders always have the $1 unlocking fee waived, their first 30-minute ride of the day for free, and $0.20 per minute thereafter. Visit Veo Access to apply. 

Visit the City of Providence’s Shared Micromobility Program website for micromobility rules and guidelines